Hot off the Press, Sydney Printmakers 50th Anniversary Exhibition 2011

Enclosure, etching, 50x50cm, AP.

Enclosure, etching, 50x50cm, AP.

Hot off the Press – New Directions, Sydney Printmakers celebrating 50 years

Manly Art Gallery and Museum
15 July -28 August

Artist Statement

etching, image 50 x 50 cm

In June/July of 2010 I participated in a workshop organised by Basil Hall at the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts, on the island of Skopelos in Greece. Here, I walked on dirt roads, climbing upwards on mountains moving away from the sea, and unexpectedly discovered a group of old monasteries. The etching Enclosure is a response to this encounter: in particular the interior of a deserted chapel in an overgrown garden enclosed by a decaying wall, and silence.